Rainier Merchant Services, LLC is a Las Vegas based CPA firm that focuses on providing tax services to individuals and small businesses in the western United States.

Our relationship should be a partnership not just an annual service.

Tax Services

We handle federal and state tax filings for businesses and individuals. Whether you are filing a single member LLC as a disregarded entity or you have an S Corporation, no client is too simple or too complex. We feel that size should not determine access to qualified, experienced, tax professionals.

We also provide tax services to Americans and foreign nationals who are outside the United States through our Global Tax Help site.

Our pricing model is geared towards small business owners who need to budget and manage cash flow. So, we charge by the form instead of by the hour for tax preparation. This way, you only pay for the forms you need and it makes it very easy to check our prices –┬ásimply take your last tax return and calculate the estimated fee.

We also believe it is important that our clients understand what they are doing on their tax returns, so educating our clients is a very important part of our process.

Our Clients

  • Small/Medium Businesses
  • Individuals

Professional Affiliations


In Business Since

  • 2005

About Us

RMS was founded on the basic idea that most small businesses don’t get the level of skill needed because the cost tends to be prohibitive and that win-win situations should be the norm for business.

Our goal is to have this not be a one-time event; rather, the first in a long line of many years working together. Consequently, we try to treat each client like the long-term partner they will become.

We provide high quality services at a reasonable price.